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title: About
-description: About me and my website.
+description: What I aim to achieve with this site.
-<p>I am currently a Captain in the U.S. Army with a B.S. in Computer Science from the <a href="">United States Military Academy</a>. I will be attending the <a href="">University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill</a> to obtain a Master's in Computer Science. Afterwards, I will return to West Point as an instructor in the <a href="">Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department</a>.</p>
-<p>On this site you will find links to my open source projects hosted on <a href="">GitHub</a> as well as blog posts describing my projects and future research. Please +1 and Tweet about the projects and blog posts that you find useful or interesting.</p>
+My goals for this site are to:<br />
+<li>Put Keyshanc to use.</li>
+<li>Demonstrate how Keyshanc can be incorporated with public communications.</li>
+<li>Do some good.</li>

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