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The "Manage My Tree" plugin for Confluence allows for easy page-tree management. The plugin allows for bulk adding, removing, and renaming pages.
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Manage My Tree

Plugin allows for:

  • moving pages (drag-n-drop)
  • renaming them (double-click or "Rename" button)
  • creating new pages ("Create" button)
  • removing unused pages ("Remove" button)

Every change is performed on a copy of the page tree in memory. You can do any number of changes (adding, removing, renaming, and moving) on this tree before committing your work.

See plugin details at: MMT Description
User Guide: MMT User Guide (as PDF)
Administration Guide: MMT Administration Guide (as PDF)

Plugin available to download:


  1. Login to confluence as an administrator, click the cog icon in upper-right corner and select Add-ons.
  2. Upload the .jar file as a new Plugin in the Plugin-Administration or search for "MMT" plugin.
  3. Check if the plugin has been installed correctly and if all modules are enabled.

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