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Personal Repositories for Bitbucket Server
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Personal Repositories for Bitbucket Server


Personal Repositories for Bitbucket Server is a plugin for Atlassian Bitbucket Server that helps you organise personal repositories in you Git instance. Personal repositories are a useful tool, but if you are responsible for your company’s repository, especially if your user pool frequently changes, for example, because freelance developers come and go, you may not want this for everybody.
And private repositories are not that easy to control from the administrator’s perspective: It is difficult to monitor how much space each user consumes for his personal repositories or to clean-up abandoned repositories of users who are no longer part of the organization. This can lead to large amounts of wasted disk space and unnecessarily large backup files on your Bitbucket server.

See plugin details at: Plugin Description
User Guide: User Guide (as PDF)
Administration Guide: Administration Guide (as PDF)

Plugin available to download:


  1. Login to confluence as an administrator, click the cog icon in upper-right corner and select Add-ons.
  2. Upload the .jar file as a new Plugin in the Plugin-Administration.
  3. Check if the plugin has been installed correctly and if all modules are enabled.

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