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Networks Learning

Networks Learning group at MPI-SWS

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  1. Code and real data for "Enhancing Human Learning via Spaced Repetition Optimization", PNAS 2019

    Jupyter Notebook 48 13

  2. Code and data for "Deep Reinforcement Learning of Marked Temporal Point Processes", NeurIPS 2018

    Python 49 11

  3. Code and data for "NeVAE: A Deep Generative Model for Molecular Graphs", AAAI 2019

    Python 30 10

  4. Code for "An Online Algorithm to Reduce the Spread of Misinformation in Social Networks", WSDM 2018

    Jupyter Notebook 19 5

  5. Code for "Hierarchical Dirichlet-Hawkes process: generative model and inference algorithm", WWW 2017

    Python 29 9

  6. Python scripts to import StackExchange data dump into Postgres DB.

    Python 46 16


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