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meteor based events volunteer management platform.


Admin view




Important: when switching from old mupx to mup, you don't have to run setup again. Just init, set up the mup.js and you can deploy.

You can choose from different deployment methods, the recommended is mup:

npm install -g mup
mkdir events-prod && cd events-prod
mup init

Example mup.js:

module.exports = {
	servers: {
		one: {
			host: '',
			username: 'root',
			pem: '~/.ssh/id_rsa',

	meteor: {
		name: 'events',
		path: '/project/path/events',
		servers: {
			one: {},
		buildOptions: {
			serverOnly: true,
		env: {
			ROOT_URL: '',
			MONGO_URL: 'mongodb://localhost/meteor',
			HTTP_FORWARDED_COUNT: 1, // nginx proxy
			MAIL_URL: "smtp://"

		dockerImage: 'abernix/meteord:base',
		deployCheckWaitTime: 300, // the default value didn't work for me
		enableUploadProgressBar: true

	mongo: {
		oplog: true,
		port: 27017,
		version: '3.4.1',
		servers: {
			one: {},


mup deploy

Backup database:

ssh docker exec mongodb mongodump --archive --db events > backup_events_`date "+%Y%m%d-%H%M"`.dump

Make user a system admin (first argument can be {} instead of {_id: ...} if there's only one user in the db, otherwise you have to provide a user id):

docker exec -it mongodb mongo events
db.users.update({_id:"GQ4fy3aRrBQfFqD6h"}, {$set: {roles: {__global_roles__: ["system_admin"]}}});

This user can then use the web GUI to set other system or event admins and create events. S.b. for details on access roles used in this project.

Mobile app

Information on how to build the Cordova-based Android and iOS app can be found here. Remember that you need to pass the --server <host>:<port> parameter to the meteor build command (or --mobile-server to the meteor run command) if you want the app to connect to a running production server.


This project uses the meteor package alanning:roles. Check out its documentation and examples first!

System admins

role: __global_roles__: ["system_admin"]

  • add and remove system admins
  • create and remove events
  • add and remove event admins
  • most operations from the other roles (forgot to document it)

Event admins

role: event_id: ["event_admin"]

  • add and remove event admins
  • manage the event, i.e. change properties
  • send emails to all volunteers of this event
  • create and remove event tasks
  • add and remove task admins
  • add and remove event coordinators

Users added as event admins in the web UI automatically become event coordinators as well

Task admins

role: task_id: ["task_admin"]

  • add and remove task admins
  • manage the task, i.e. change properties
  • send emails to all volunteers of this task
  • create, remove and modify time slots
  • manage volunteers for this task, i.e. list and check in the volunteers

Users added as task admins in the web UI automatically become event coordinators as well

Event coordinators

role: event_id: ["coordinator"]

  • add and list volunteers


Event management & volunteer recruitment (i.e. Helfersuche Türmefest)



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