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  • bootloader
    Restart to bootloader
  • bus [on/off]
    Connects the bus to mains
  • cls
    Clears screen
  • eeprom [save/load]
    Saves/Loads the parameters to/from EEPROM
  • get [parameter]
    If the parameter is given the function prints the value of the parameter. If no Parameter is given the functions prints all parameters with values.
  • help
    Prints the help text
  • kill
    Kills all coil operations
  • load_default
    Loads the default configuration out of flash
  • qcw [start/stop]
    Starts/Stops the QCW operation with repetition rate stored in qcw_repeat [ms]. Values <100 ms results in a single shot.
  • reset
    Restarts the processor
  • set [parameter] [value]
    Sets a parameter to the given value
  • status
    Displays a status window in VT100 mode
  • tasks
    Displays the task list with statistics
  • tr [start/stop]
    Enables transient mode with the pulsewidth (parameter: pw) and delay between the pulses (parameter: pwd)
  • tterm
    Enables the teslaterm mode (No user command)
  • tune_p
    Starts the autotuning of the primary. WARNING: not for use with high bus voltage!!!!
  • tune_s
    Starts the autotuning of the secondary. WARNING: not for use with high bus voltage!!!! The primary capacitor needs to be shortened.
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