Blueprints for the NeuBtracker system
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NeuBTracker - Autodesk Inventor Design Files

Overview Website:

Paper: DOI 10.1038/NMETH.4459

Parts List

Description Company Part Name / ID
Illumination IR - LED Roithner Laser Technik 12x ELD-1060-525
IR - LED Holder Custom Made Ring for LED placement
GCaMP-Exc. Mountain Photonics UHP-T-LED-460 Ultra High Power Blue LED Light Source
Obj. 1x Objective Nikon HR Plan Apo WD 54
1x Objective Nikon CFI P-Achromat UW 1x/ 0.04/ 3,20
Tube Lens Thorlabs ITL200 Infinity-Corrected Tube Lens
1x/IR IR Camera Ximea MQ013RG-E2
1:3 Relay Thorlabs 1:3.33 Matched Achromatic Pair, B Coated
1:5 Relay Thorlabs 150 & 50 mm Achrom. Doublet pairs
3D Scanning System Galvo (XY) Thorlabs GVS312/M - 2D Large Beam (10 mm) Diameter Galvo System
ETL (Z) Optotune Fast electrically tunable lens EL-10-30-C-VIS-LD
Scanning Relay and Magnification 1 Telesc. Lens Thorlabs 2x 100mm, 60mm Achrom. (Plössl Configuration)
2 Telesc. Lens Thorlabs f=150 mm, Ø2" Achromatic Doublet
Zooming System Leica Z16 Apo
1 Telesc. Lens Thorlabs f=50 mm, Ø1" Achromatic Doublet,
2 Telesc. Lens Thorlabs f=200 mm, Ø2" Achromatic Doublet
Fluor. Acq. Camera Andor Zyla5.5-USB3 (or Neo sCMOS)
Manipulation Laser Laser Coherent 407 nm / 50 mW
Alignment Mirrors Thorlabs Kinematic Mirror Mount for Ø2" Optics
Coupling Lens Thorlabs f=200 mm, Ø2" Achromatic Doublet
Controllers Main (PC) Terra i7-3770, 32GB RAM, Scorpio PCI-SSD@ 2GB/s
for Galvo Mirrors National Instruments USB-9263, 4-Channel, ±10 V, 16-Bit Analog Voltage Output Module
for Green LED Arduino Uno
Filters Filters/Dichroics Chroma Technology ET470/40x, T495lpxr, (LED coupling) T770lpxr, ET780lp, (IR Camera) zt405rdc (stimulation laser coupling) ET525/50m (Fluorescence Camera)
Filter Cubes Thorlabs 30 mm Cage-Compatible Fluorescence Filter Cube
Example pieces for mechanical support Rails Thorlabs Extended Dovetail Rail Carrier
Bases Thorlabs Standard Ø1/2" Post Holders
Post Thorlabs Ø12.7 mm Graduated Optical Post
Rods Thorlabs ER Assembly Rods
Cage Syst. Holder Thorlabs 30 mm to 60 mm Cage Plate Adapter, M4 Tap
Sliding Mount Thorlabs Removable Filter Holder
Pivoting Mount Thorlabs Pivoting, Quick-Release, Ø1" Optic Mount
Kin. Lens Mounts Thorlabs XY Translating Lens Mount
Add-ons Motorized Stage Zaber Motorized linear slide, 150 mm travel, RS-232
Alternative GCaMP Excitation Coherent OBIS 488 nm- LX 150 mW (coupled through ZT488dcrb)
500FPS camera Ximea MQ003MG-CM


Please cite our original publication in Nature Methods:

Symvoulidis P. et al. (2017) NeuBtracker – imaging neurobehavioral dynamics in freely bahaving fish. In: Nature Methods DOI: 10.1038/NMETH.4459

author={Symvoulidis, Panagiotis
        and Lauri, Antonella
        and Stefanoiu, Anca
        and Cappetta, Michele
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        and Jia, Hongbo
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        and Koch, Maximilian
        and Perez, Carlos Cruz
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        and Chmyrov, Andriy
        and Lasser, Tobias
        and Wurst, Wolfgang
        and Ntziachristos, Vasilis
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        journal={Nat Meth},
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Corresponding Author: Gil G Westmeyer