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Bright Security

Secure your applications & APIs for both technical and business logic vulnerabilities at the speed of DevOps, with minimal false positives.


  1. shainet Public

    SHAInet - a pure Crystal machine learning library

    Crystal 175 21

  2. Cypress plugin for generating HTTP Archive (HAR) files captures network requests during Cypress tests.

    TypeScript 65 17

  3. bright-cli Public

    Command Line Interface (CLI) tool for NeuraLegion's solutions.

    TypeScript 13 10

  4. wafalyzer Public

    Web Application Firewall (WAF) Detector

    Crystal 32 10

  5. har-sdk Public

    HAR SDK enables Node.js developers to easily work with HAR, convert it from OAS/Swagger and Postman collection, and more.

    TypeScript 8 5

  6. A Broken Application - Very Vulnerable!

    CSS 69 146


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