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NeuroData Design


  1. kdg Public

    Forked from neurodata/kdg

    Python 3

  2. ProgLearn Public

    Forked from neurodata/ProgLearn

    NeuroData's package for exploring and using progressive learning algorithms

    Jupyter Notebook 2 2

  3. df-dn-paper Public

    Forked from neurodata/df-dn-paper

    Performance comparisons between random forests and deep networks

    Jupyter Notebook 2 2

  4. Progress tracking repo for Neuro Data Design class of 2021-2022

    Jupyter Notebook 8 9

  5. Papers, Readings and Jupyter Figure Code for NDD 2021

    Jupyter Notebook 3 1

  6. Homepage for NeuroData Design

    JavaScript 1 2


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