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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<neuroml xmlns=""
xsi:schemaLocation=" ../Schemas/NeuroML2/NeuroML_v2beta4.xsd"
<!-- Example of a network specified as a set of location and connection instances in NeuroML 2 -->
<expOneSynapse id="syn1" gbase="5nS" erev="0mV" tauDecay="3ms" />
<expOneSynapse id="syn2" gbase="10nS" erev="0mV" tauDecay="2ms" />
<iafCell id="iaf" leakReversal="-60mV" thresh="-55mV" reset="-62mV" C="1.0nF" leakConductance="0.05uS"/>
<pulseGenerator id="pulseGen1" delay="100ms" duration="100ms" amplitude="0.3nA"/>
<pulseGenerator id="pulseGen2" delay="100ms" duration="100ms" amplitude="0.4nA"/>
<network id="InstanceBasedNetwork">
<population id="iafCells" type="populationList" component="iaf" size="3">
<instance id="0">
<location x="120" y="230" z="567"/>
<instance id="1">
<location x="270" y="450" z="56"/>
<instance id="2">
<location x="54" y="234" z="89"/>
<projection id="internal1" presynapticPopulation="iafCells" postsynapticPopulation="iafCells" synapse="syn1">
<!--TODO: Fix! want to define synapse in here, so that multiple synapses per connection can be defined
<synapseComponent component="syn1"/>-->
<!--TODO: Fix! want to use preCellId="0" -->
<connection id="0" preCellId="../iafCells/0/iaf" postCellId="../iafCells/1/iaf"/>
<projection id="internal2" presynapticPopulation="iafCells" postsynapticPopulation="iafCells" synapse="syn2">
<connection id="0" preCellId="../iafCells/0/iaf" postCellId="../iafCells/2/iaf"/>
<inputList id="stimInput" component="pulseGen1" population="iafCells">
<!--TODO: Fix! want to use target="0" -->
<input id="0" target="../iafCells/0/iaf" destination="synapses"/>
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