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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<neuroml xmlns=""
xsi:schemaLocation=" ../Schemas/NeuroML2/NeuroML_v2beta4.xsd"
<!-- Example of a cell morphology in NeuroML 2 -->
<!-- This is a "pure" NeuroML 2 file. It cannot currently used for simulations with
jLEMS/jNeuroML however, as jLEMS does not yet support multicompartmental cells -->
<!-- Note: no <cells> element -->
<cell id="SimpleCell">
<morphology id="SimpleCell_Morphology">
<!-- Note: no <segments> -->
<segment id ="0" name="Soma"> <!-- name is optional-->
<!-- no parent => root segment -->
<proximal x="0" y="0" z="0" diameter="10"/>
<distal x="10" y="0" z="0" diameter="10"/>
<segment id ="1" name="MainDendrite1" >
<parent segment="0"/>
<!-- Same proximal 3D point as parent but different diameter -->
<proximal x="10" y="0" z="0" diameter="3"/>
<distal x="20" y="0" z="0" diameter="3"/>
<segment id ="2" name="MainDendrite2">
<parent segment="1"/>
<!-- no proximal => use distal (including diameter) of parent -->
<distal x="30" y="0" z="0" diameter="1"/>
<segment id ="3" name="Spine" >
<!-- Electrically connected to point 0.5 along parent -->
<parent segment="2" fractionAlong="0.5"/>
<proximal x="25" y="0" z="0" diameter="0.2"/>
<distal x="25" y="1" z="0" diameter="0.2"/>
<!-- segmentGroups follow -->
<segmentGroup id="soma_group" neuroLexId="sao1044911821"> <!-- Reserved/special name of a group -->
<member segment="0"/>
<segmentGroup id="thick_dendrites">
<member segment="1"/>
<member segment="2"/>
<!-- The NeuroLex reference points to the concept of a spine -->
<segmentGroup id="spines" neuroLexId="sao1145756102">
<member segment="3"/>
<segmentGroup id="dendrite_group" neuroLexId="sao1211023249"> <!-- Reserved/special name of a group -->
<include segmentGroup="thick_dendrites"/>
<include segmentGroup="spines"/>
<!-- <exclude ...> could be present here -->
<segmentGroup id="middle"> <!-- group defined between 2 segs -->
<from segment="1"/>
<to segment="2"/>
<segmentGroup id="tip"> <!-- group defined between 2 segs -->
<from segment="1"/>
<!-- TODO: Allow wildcard on names?-->