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NeuroTechEDU's Awesome List of BCI-related Resources


This list of resources is non-exhaustive. If you find something which you think should be included, please add it!If you have never worked with Markdown before, check out this cheatsheet.

Table of Contents

  1. Software
  2. Hardware
  3. Brain Databases
  4. Consultants For Hire
  5. Tutorials and Project Ideas
  6. Communities and Blogs
  7. Competitions
  8. Conferences and Events
  9. Reading Material
  10. Other Resources


Stand Alone BCI Applications

These applications do not require any form of dependencies for it to work. Essentially download the program, install it, and you are good to go!

Matlab Toolboxes

Python Toolboxes

Android Toolboxes

Brain Visualizations

RaspberryPi Framework

Communication Protocols

These are some of the commonly used Communication protocols


This section is separated into different sections based on the type of technology.


Electroencephalography is the most commonly used form of Neurotechnology. There are many options out there meaning that you can easily find a device that matches your needs and price.

Consumer and DIY Devices

Research Devices

EEG Parts

NIRS Research Devices

Multimodal Neurotech

These devices combine different type of sensors to measure or influence brain activity.

Brain Stimulation

Upcoming NeuroImaging Tech

Diffused Optical Imaging Ressources.

This is the tech being used by Mary Lou Jepken's company Openwater. She's aiming to build a portable MRI.

Brain Databases

Consultants For Hire

Tutorials and Project Ideas

Communities and Blogs




Data Competitions

Brain Controlled Competitions

Conferences and Events

Reading Material


Introductory Books

Technical Books

Signal Processing

Other Resources