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NeurodataWithoutBorders: Neurophysiology

This repo is for the technical website for the NWB:N project

Updating Content

  • Submitting changes Use GitHub pull requests to submit changes.
  • Page Content All page content is defined in the markdown files located in the _pages folder
  • Main Menu The main menu is defined in _includes/header.html
  • Publications Publications files can be added to the publications/ folder and publication entries can be added to the _pages/ markdown file.

Repository Content

  • Page content
    • _pages: Markdown files with the contents of the website
    • images : Image files shown in the website
    • publications : Files related to publications shown on the website
  • Page layout and styling
    • _includes : HTML files included in the layout (e.g., page header, footer, main menu etc.)
    • _layouts : HTML page layouts used for the site. Most pages use _layouts/default.html
    • _sass : Bootstrap
    • css : Custom CSS for the page
    • js : Java script sources
  • Build configuration
    • Gemfile: Ruby gem dependencies for building the website
    • _config.yml: Jekyll setup for building the website
  • Others
    • : This file

Adding a news item

_pages/ is the markdown file for the full news releases. To add a short item to the front page you will need edit _includes/news.html.

Changing the main menu bar

The main menu is defined _includes/header.html

Updating existing pages

All page content is defined via corresponding markdown files in the _pages folder and can be edited there.

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