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@madhephaestus madhephaestus released this May 22, 2020

address #180
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May 22, 2020
No exits from native code

@madhephaestus madhephaestus released this May 9, 2020

Adding freebsd support for Device Removal event
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@madhephaestus madhephaestus released this May 9, 2020

I am kinda excited, this is the first new feature added to RXTX in 11
years! it also happens to fix a 15 year old bug, present in the library
since USB to serial adapters were invented. The original developers
never imagined the event of removing hardware, because back then Serial
ports were built into the processor and could never be removed or added.

This feature will now add a user level event when the hardware is
removed. The user can then perform a shutdown procedure, since a
connection will be needed after the hardware is removed.

This also causes the Monitor thread that used to become a zombie to die
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@madhephaestus madhephaestus released this May 6, 2020

testing for the change in Monitor thread
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@madhephaestus madhephaestus released this May 5, 2020

Adding freeBSD libraries
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May 5, 2020
Adding FreeBSD binaries

@madhephaestus madhephaestus released this Apr 29, 2020

Jumping to 5.0.0 to indicate latest version.
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