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Lab 7: Measuring attention using cross-brain correlations


In this lab, we will measure correlations across brains, as a measure of attention. The idea is that, the more people pay attention to a stimulus, the more their brain is driven by a stimulus and not their internal thoughts. If it is driven by the stimulus, then brain signals across different sessions should be similar.


First, install the libraries (there are new python dependencies this time!):

npm install
pip install -r requirements.txt

(If you don't have npm, you can install by running brew install node. You can get brew from https://brew.sh/)

For this lab, you also need to install mpv to play the videos. You can do this by running brew install mpv.

Stimulus Presentation + Recording

  • Attach electrodes to participant's head, 2 on the frontal cortex (on forehead) and 2 on temporal lobe (right above the ears).
  • Connect to the ganglion and stream data: cd recording; node ganglion-lsl.js
  • Run lsl-viewer to check connections and stream: python recording/lsl-viewer.py
  • Test that movie playing works: python paradigm/test_movie.py videos/sintel_trailer.mpg
  • Start movie (but don't press enter yet!): python paradigm/play_tag_movie_new.py videos/sintel_trailer.mpg
  • Record data (replace "name" with your name, and "movie" with "sintel" or "bunny"): python recording/lsl-record.py -f data/data_movie_name_1.csv
  • Press enter on movie to really start movie
  • Stop recording data by pressing Control-C in the lsl-record.py script


  • Open analysis/cross_brain_correlation.ipynb
  • Replace the filenames at the beginning with your filenames
  • Run it and see the correlations!

(If you couldn't successfully collect data, I have put in some example files that I collected that you can try analyzing as well, inside data)