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Introducing The Blockchain Embassy of Asia

BCE.asia is a non-profit digitally distributed organization that is using and promoting blockchain governance as a method for collaboration between various business entities and existing community efforts across Southeast Asia.

The Embassy Toolkit

As part of our early research in understanding the basic foundations of crypto-currency based blockchains, we developed a set of inline tools that work within the browser and do not require any form of server-side interaction or exposure to privacy risks. For those that know how to download and investigate code, we have our public repository, but for those that want to play-around with the technology without looking at code, they can visit our online toolbox. It currently supports the following features:

  • Key Creation - generate standard and master extended public and private keys as well as the public address
  • Multi-Signature Accounts - create new multi-signature addresses and then sign and send transactions
  • Hierarchical Keys - check the depth and index of extended keys and derive new children via paths
  • Transaction Builder - create and view new transactions from API-driven unspents before relaying
  • Post & Fetch Data - store and verify structured data using extended keys
  • Lookup Addresses & Transactions - search for an address or transaction

The blockchains currently supported include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Tesnet
  • Dogecoin

The APIs currently supported include:

  • BlockCypher