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Viewimage.m is a multidimensional, complex image viewer that is very handy for flicking through high dimensional MR datasets. 

Usage: `viewimage(im)` shows the first two dimensions of `im`; 
Scroll by left-clicking and dragging in the field, or by using the scroll wheel of your mouse 
Also, right-click and drag to change brightness & contrast 

The drop-down menu contains useful tools such as plotting in x, y, and z directions, and show imaginary/real/magnitude/phase parts of complex data 

Some options can be passed via argument calls, e.g.: 

``viewimage(im,'zoom',2)`` -- scale up the window size 
``viewimage(im,'Title','Hello World') -- change the menu bar title 
``viewimage(im,'colormap','hot') -- change the colormap (hot can change). 

This code has been passed around via sneakernet since at least 2002. I don't know the original author. If you are him, get in touch. 
Edited by JJM and AZL. 

There are a few known bugs.