Get resource node data from Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine (I'm going to try and update/maintain it as it appears James hasn't had time to for 3+ years...)
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Rundeck GCP Nodes Plugin

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This is a Resource Model Source plugin for Rundeck 3.0.9+ that provides Google Cloud Platform GCE Instances as nodes for the Rundeck Server.

If you're still running Rundeck v2.x, please use one of the releases labeled v2.7.1-2 or earlier.


Download from the releases page.

Put the rundeck-gcp-nodes-plugin-3.0.9-1.jar into your $RDECK_BASE/libext dir.

You must also authenticate the rundeck-gcp-nodes-plugin to your google cloud platform project.

  • Log into your Google Cloud Platform console, go to the API-Manager, then go to credentials
  • Then go to Create Credentials, Service account key. Under the service account drop down select New Service Account. Name the service account rundeck-gcp-nodes-plugin. Make sure the key type is JSON
  • IAM roles required: Project Browser & Compute Engine Compute Viewer
  • Rename the JSON file to rundeck-gcp-nodes-plugin-PROJECTID.json and place it in /etc/rundeck/ (replace PROJECTID with your GCP project id)


You will need to add the following labels to your GCP VMs if you want more accurate/meaning full values for the OS (because unfortunately, there currently isn't that data in a standalone field/value that describes that for your VM -- just look at the output of gcloud compute instances describe):

  • environment (example value: prod)
  • osfamily (example value: linux)
  • osname (example value: rhel7)

*** No longer a requirement from v2.7.1-2 onward ***


By default, your connection string (denoted by the User @ Host column in your project nodes page) is rundeck@hostname, but if you want it to show IP instead you can set the hostname.selector attribute to networkInterfaces or accessConfigs for internal and external(NAT) IPs respectively


Only Running Instances in the resource config doesn't work, it will always report the nodes regardless of state.


My work is built off of the work done by jameshcoppens and I've only branched it off to updated/maintain it seeing as there are typos in the README that has gone unaddressed and hasn't been updated for ~2+ years. There were some functionality/features I wanted to add for my own use (and at work) so here we are... :)

!!! PRs welcome as I'm still new at this (my Java sucks)!!!