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The team behind, formerly known as Neutron Creative.

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  1. An open-source Linktree alternative & micro-site platform.

    Vue 200 46

  2. The better free screenshot API, made open-source by the team at Neutron Creative.

    CSS 18 3

  3. A minimal client-side library to convert your vanilla URLs to deep links.

    TypeScript 9 3

  4. Beautiful FOSS is a repository boilerplate filled with best practices and guidelines for starting and scaling your next beautiful free and open-source software project.

    HTML 8 1

  5. A serverless function that automates the process of granting someone access to one or more private repositories after sponsoring you on Github.

    JavaScript 9 1

  6. Open-source feedback collection for your website or web-app.

    JavaScript 7 1


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