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A Sass framework that empowers you to create flexible, clear, and semantic website layouts.
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Neutron is a Sass framework that empowers you to create flexible, clear, and semantic website layouts.

##Why use Neutron? Neutron is built from the beginning to be clear, concise, and--primarily--a flexible system for creating website layouts.

When building it we did away with redundant concepts and ideas that many frameworks still use, such as littering your HTML with classes, or manually declaring each column in the HTML, or being restricted to a specific grid layout.

##Installing Neutron

###Bower bower install neutroncss

###Git git clone neutron

##Adding Neutron to your project. Adding Neutron to your project is as simple as downloading the neutron assets and then including the _neutron.scss at the top of your Sass stylesheet.

@import "neutron/neutron";

##Learn more about Neutron You can learn more about Neutron by visiting the website If you're looking for information on how to use Neutron you can check our documentation at

##Roadmap Once we reach version 1.0 we won't be making any breaking changes to Neutron until version 2.0 comes along.

We do plan on adding a number of features to Neutron in the near-term however, these include:

  • Fixed width columns: the ability to set some or all of your columns to have a fixed width instead of a percentage-based width.
  • Flexbox support: We hope to inplement flexbox support allowing you to create layouts using the same or similar syntax as the rest of Neutron.

##Contact Us You can get in touch with us on Twitter (@NeutronCSS). If you find a bug or have a feature request, you can create an issue here on GitHub.

If you're having trouble using Neutron you can send us a message on Twitter or submit a question to Stackoverflow.

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