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Looking for the V3 API wrapper? Click here.

This is the official NeverBounce API NodeJS wrapper. It provides helpful methods to quickly implement our API in your NodeJS applications.

This package is not suitable for use in the browser! Only use it in server side applications!


To install use the following command

$ npm install neverbounce --save

Basic Usage

The API username and secret key used to authenticate V3 API requests will not work to authenticate V4 API requests. If you are attempting to authenticate your request with the 8 character username or 12-16 character secret key the request will return an auth_failure error. The API key used for the V4 API will look like the following: secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. To create new V4 API credentials please go here.

const NeverBounce = require('neverbounce');

// Initialize NeverBounce client
const client = new NeverBounce({apiKey: 'secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'});

// Verify an email
    result => {
        console.log('Result: ' + result.getResult()); // prints: "valid"
        // See VerificationObject for additional helper methods for working with
        // verification results from the the single method
    err => {
        // Errors are returned by the Promise in the form of rejection. To 
        // gracefully handle errors you can use a switch or if statements to 
        // catch specific error types.
        switch(err.type) {
            case NeverBounce.errors.AuthError:
                // The API credentials used are bad, have you reset them recently?
            case NeverBounce.errors.BadReferrerError:
                // The script is being used from an unauthorized source, you may need to
                // adjust your app's settings to allow it to be used from here
            case NeverBounce.errors.ThrottleError:
                // Too many requests in a short amount of time, try again shortly or adjust
                // your rate limit settings for this application in the dashboard
            case NeverBounce.errors.GeneralError:
                // A non recoverable API error occurred check the message for details
                // Other non specific errors

For more information you can check out the /examples directory contained within the repository or visit our official documentation here.


The library exposes several constants that make working with jobs, verification results and errors easier. They can be accessed from the root NeverBounce object via the result, job, and errors properties.

Running Examples

There a several examples contained within the /examples directory included in this repo. To run these examples; first create a .env.js file in the project root containing the following text (substituting in your own API key):

module.exports = {
  apiKey: 'secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',

Once that file has been created you can run the examples with the following command, replacing the script name with the specific example you intend to run.

node ./examples/account-info.js