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This is an "ItemFilter" - a script for the game Path of Exile to mark expensive items, hide pointless drops and enhance gameplay experience.

This is NOT a hack/mod. It uses the official POE filter language. This script is also used by default on the console versions of the game.

Here is the basic feature set of NeverSink's filter:

  • Over 500 different rules that highlight, hide and decorate items.
  • Covers both leveling and endgame and dynamically adjusts itself based on your area level
  • Highlights valuable and useful leveling equipment.
  • Highlights endgame crafting gear and special basetypes.
  • Marks valuable drops on the minimap and gives items beams and sounds.
  • Uses specific color-patterns and sounds to mark items of certain values and types.
  • Tiers every single unique, currency, divination card, fragment and items from 20+ other item types based on the current meta and prices in the league economy
  • Has safety checks to not accidently hide new and unknown items from new leagues
  • Detects rare and special item properties such as synthesised items
  • Highlights identified items with multiple good or exclusive mods.
  • Comes in 7 different strictnesses. Start with SEMI-STRICT if you're new. Increase the strictness as you become faster, stronger and more experienced and feel like the clutter is slowing you down. STRICTNESSOVERVIEW
  • Updated every league
  • Comes in many different styles. Pick one that matches your playstyle, taste or visual impairment best. STYLEOVERVIEW

The website is the user-friendly and recommended way to download, install and preview (lootsimulator!) the filter. You can also modify it there, without any coding knowledge to adjust it to your playstyle.

The filter is and always will be completely free! The only paid feature we offer is the: 3$/month for the auto-update service to support the development of NeverSink's filter and help pay for the server costs on


  1. The filter does NOT update itself automatically by default. At least redownload the latest version once a league - better once a month - to stay up-to-date and not miss out on valuable drops! There is an auto-updater, read about it below.
  2. The filter is ALWAYS updated before the start of a new league (4-6 hours before start). Afterwards, usually every few weeks.
  3. Filters can't distinguish between different variations of one unique base! A unique "Leather Belt" can be an expensive "Headhunter" or a cheap "Wurm's Molt". The same goes for all unique jewels etc. Things that need manual checking have a blue icon on the minimap!
  4. The filter has a "leveling mode" and an "endgame mode". The switch happens at itemlevel 68.
  5. Join our Discord Server to get updates and ask questions.


Currently there are multiple sources:

  • FILTER LADDER - Are you new to the game and don't care about styles and finetuning the filter to your gameplay experience? I recommend subscribing to my filters on the ladder. It's just a click, fast and auto-updates. Just restart the game and select the subscribed filter in the options menu. The downside is that you can't edit these filters or use styles. Once you're more experienced you can switch to...
  • FILTERBLADE - you can adjust the filter to your preferences here, change the appearance, style and finetune everything to your liking.
  • You can also download the latest release from github. Note that it doesn't auto-update though and unlike my filterblade/ladder is not adjusted every 4 hours to match the economy perfectly.

Manual installation instructiopns:

  1. Get the latest filter file from or GitHub.
  2. Extract the files using WinRar/7zip or a similar tool.
  3. Paste the .filter files (or just the folder content, if you want to use a specific style, paste the files from one of the (STYLE) folders instead) into the following folder: %userprofile%/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile
  4. INGAME: Escape -> Options -> Game -> Filters -> Select one of the filters from the dropdown box.
  5. Done. Enjoy.


The filter itself will always be free, including updates.

Major thanks to all patreon supports to help us fund the continious development. Patreon supporters also receive a Patreon-exclusive Filter-Auto-Updater. You can also buy me a beer. Your support is appreciated. Thank you!


The strictness defines what items are shown or hidden. A higher strictness means less items will be shown. I recommend using the SEMI-STRICT version if you're just starting. The hidden items are always the the cheapest layer. You don't have to worry about expensive drops, these are always shown.

Path of Exile is a game, where speed matters a lot. Every time you pick up an item - you slow down. You also need to potentially identify, sort, sell and manage the item. As your character becomes more and more optimized, it's a much better strategy to focus on clearing fast and only pick up the best items. This way you get more experience, less stash-sorting and more chances for big drops!

The filter strictness setup is designed to reflect that philosophy. You can start with regular/semi-strict and just increase your strictness as you improve your build. Alternatively if you feel like farming slow content, just go down a strictness. allows finetuning the strictness of the filter. You can also [preview all strictnesses to understand what these exactly do].


Different styles have the same filtering pattern, but have altered visual appearance. You can [preview all styles on FilterBlade].

The CUSTOMSOUNDS style is special: Same visuals, but all sounds are different. Designed for streamers or viewers so that they don't get confused when the other side is getting an expensive drop. You can also replace the sound files with your own files (filterblade offers streamer-sound packs and tools to assist you with custom soundpacks)

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