This is a "lootfilter" for the game "Path of Exile". It's designed with the intention to provide quick detection/evaluation of good drops, while preserving a polished visual style and filtering junk.
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I highly recommend starting new leagues with Regular/Semi-Strict or Strict and switching to a higher strictness if you feel like you're seeing too much.

  • Soft = A very low strictness version, that shows extra bases and recipes. Shows a lot of items
  • Regular = Shows all rares and some "potentially useful items", great for solo selffound environments. Still shows a lot of items
  • Semi-Strict = Shows the top ~65% of all rares, hides less popular recipes and crafting bases. This is a good allrounder version.
  • Strict = Shows the top ~35% of all rares, hides most recipes and crafting bases. Designed for optimized builds, that want to farm/grind effectively.
  • Very Strict = Shows the top ~15% of all rares, hides scrolls, armorers and augmentations. Only shows the best crafting bases and recipes. Designed for very fast, well geared meta builds.
  • Uber Strict = Shows the top ~5% of all rares, hides transmutations and whetstones. Advised for insanely fast builds, such as vaal spark and well organized parties.
  • Uber+ Strict = No rares, no currency under an alch, hides a ton of other things. Designed to keep your screen clean in the most extreme of environments. Customize on filterblade and don't complain if it's too strict.

You can find more details about the differences of the individual versions here.

If you want to support the the project or show your appreciation feel free to buy me a beer / donate

NOTE: The filter itself will always be free, including updates. There will never be any premium/donator versions or options!


This is a project we've been working on for the past monthes:* . You can download and customize and do tons of awesome things to the lootfilter in a super comfy interface here.


Different styles have the same filtering pattern and also have the same filter subversions (seen above), but use different highlighting settings. The subversions can be found in the subdirectories.

  • Normal = The good ol' filter. Located in the main directory.
  • Slick = The normal version with less background colors (more GGG-styled). Also good for colorblind players.
  • Blue = The rare color scheme is tuned towards blue colors, instead of green ones. Otherwise the same as normal.
  • Purple/Necrotic = Purple themed lootfilter, heavily inspired by prophecy/breach/necrotic themes.
  • Streamsound = Same visuals, but all sounds are different. Designed for streamers or viewers so that they don't get confused when the other side is getting an expensive drop


  1. Download the latest filter from the "releases" section.

  2. Extract the files using WinRar/7zip or a similar tool.

  3. Paste the .filter files (or just the folder content, if you want to use a specific style, paste the files from one of the (STYLE) folders instead) into the following folder: %userprofile%/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile

  4. INGAME: Escape -> Options -> UI -> Scroll down -> Select one of the filters from the dropdown box.

  5. Done. Enjoy.

I recommend using NotePad++ to edit the filter.

For additional details, the FAQ (read it before asking questions), previous changelogs, screenshots etc. please refer to the forum thread in the POE forum (clicky here to get there)