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HOTFIXED a bug in 5.0.1 in all semistrict and stircted versions

Reworked several parts of the filter

Completely reworked the rare section - it now has "only" 4 tiers, handpicked meta T1 items, handpicked meta T2 items, droplevel based T3 items and "other items" for each class (T4)

Removed the red ugly background from rares

The filter is much much more strict overall

The "very strict" strictness is now more restrictive than the old "uber strict" version

Added a new strictness: "UBER-PLUS-STRICT". It should be tight enough for whatever pinatas the league has to offer.

Did small improvements nad changes to the leveling algorithm, more coming in later versions. In general it's more strict, more selective

Increased the sizes of most items you'd generally pick up anyway. Most currency items are now size 40+ (this is a buff)

Added all the new harbinger stuff

Retiered the rares

Retiered the uniques

Didn't retier the divination cards - I'll do it once the meta stabilizes

Added a new section for the bone spirit shield for summoners

Added a new section for chayula splinters

Implemented a new dropsound for maps T11-T15

Implemented Shaper voice announcemnets for Mirrors, Divines and Exalted orbs

LOTS and Lots of other minor changes, I forgot a lot probably o.O

Did all possible adjustments to filterblade to support or even all of those changes.

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