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  • Adjusted the tiering of all: uniques, divination cards, shaper/elder bases, oils, unique maps, prophecies, scarabs, incubators, fossils

  • Did significants improvements to the tiering system. The highlighting should be much more on-point for the blight league economy now!

  • Increased the threshhold for T1 and T2 oils, scarabs and incubators (meaning less of them will be making an exalted orb-tier sound).

  • Slightly adjusted all tiering threshholds, to make things more accurate and to make the exalted orb/divine orb tier sound more exclusive.

  • Added a small tier, that special highlights all iLVL 86 exclusive bases, based on economy data

  • Adressed further inconsistencies in the crafting tiers added in 7.3. This includes some crafting tiers being hidden, instead of disabled, added level ranges to all itemlevels, adjusted strictnesses, slightly changed colors

  • Random (non-NPC-specific) veiled items are now hidden on uber-plus-strict, instead of uber-strict

  • Random Legion Splinters (Karui, Eternal, Vaal) are no longer hidden on uber-plus-strict

  • Removed flesh&stone from the 6-level-only gem-list

  • Added a system that allows disabling tiers, if they're not currently relevant in the economy.

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