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Welcome to the NeverSink-Filter wiki!

VERSIONS AND DOWNLOAD LINKS: - scroll down for the easy install guide.

NeverSink's Filter - Regular - Used by the majority of players. It won't hide anything expensive, while filtering out all the trash. Great for beginners and experienced players alike, especially if you enjoy chaos recipes. I usually start new leagues with this version.

NeverSink's Filter - Semi-Strict - Hides bulky/bad rares in the endgame, doesn't display very large chromatic recipe items and narrows down the crafting item selection. I recommend using it, if you don't do chaos recipes.

NeverSink's Filter - Strict - Recommended for well geared players and magic finders, who enjoy concentrated gameplay, but are not exactly speedrunning. Not recommended for the first weeks of new leagues, unless you know what you're doing. My personal favorite configuration.

NeverSink's Filter - Very Strict - The speedclearing setup. It only displays very good, meta orientated uniques and is designed for very well geared, experienced players. I use this configuration later on in the league.

NeverSink's Filter - Über-Strict (WARNING: NOT RECOMMENDED) - Crazy levels of filtering. It tries to only display the creme de la creme. Don't come complaining to me if it hides something you like, you've been warned. It's intent is to be used in highly organized magic find parties in high level maps. In most cases strict/very-strict is absolutely strict enough.

INSTALLATION (It's easy) There's going to be a video at this spot in a bit but for now, follow the steps:

  1. Click on the GITHUB URL using one of the links above.

  2. Click on "Source code (zip)". Always use the latest (top) release. You'll download the ZIP-file

  3. Open the download folder on your PC.

  4. Right-click the file and extract it. You'll need 7zip, winrar or winzip for that.

  5. Start POE. Open the options menu. Navigate to the interface tab and scroll down to the bottom. Click on "Show filter folder". Alternatively navigate to C:\Users*username*\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile

  6. Paste the archive content from step 4 there (the files, not the whole folder or archive).

  7. Restart PoE. Scroll to the bottom of the interface tab again. You should now be able to select the filter(s) from the scrolldown menu. Enjoy :)

If you're experiencing problems: it's very, very likely because you've failed extracting the files or pasted them to the wrong folder. The filter works for thousands of users, it should also work for you (yes also if you're using steam). You can also check out the POE wiki on filters.

If you want to edit the filter, I recommend using NotePad++ (google it).

For more information refer to the thread in the forum.

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