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Computing Unit 15 Assignment 2
HTML CSS JavaScript
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Unit 15 Assignment 2

This repository contains the HTML, CSS and JavaScript used for my Unit 15 Assignment 2 college assignment.

This is no-longer maintained and the business it describes (HBWS) is entirely fictional.

Branch: cat

This branch is no-longer in sync with master and contains out-of-date information. It was a test to try different images on the home page that was scraped before submission.

This branch does not contain the same disclaimers as master (the current branch) so is not hosted on gh-pages.

Branch: redesigned

This branch is no-longer in sync with master and was created during the early development stages of this website.

It contains another take on the design of my information pages (i.e /pages/about.html) - it was scrapped in favour of the current (seen in this branch) after asking class mates for their opinions.

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