AWS package for deploying Locomotive with CloudFormation
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(Train to the clouds)

AWS package for deploying Locomotive with CloudFormation

This script is simple launch-point for those looking to setup a Mongo-served rails CMS on Amazon's AWS infrastructure. By using Amazon's CloudFormation templates, you can skillfully comprehend your resources, manage usage, track growth, and automate scale.

You will need to search for "blank_" and replace the related tokens with your info (ssh keys, web domains, etc.)



The following AWS resources will be provisioned when you run this CloudFormation template. If you have a new AWS account, your usage of these resources may fall under the free trial limits.



  • MongoInstance: EC2 t1.micro
  • WebServer: EC2 t1.micro


  • MongoSecurityGroup: mongo instance SSH
  • MongodIngress: mongo data
  • StatusIngress: mondo updates
  • FrontendSecurityGroup: web instance SSH


  • MongoVolume1

Not Provisioned

The following are currently excluded because;

  1. the data they contain specific to an individual setup.
  2. reaffirming #1, you cannot make a template for new HostedZones (DNS base NS records).

If that's confusing to you, consider the major use-case for automating the creation of DNS entries: spammers and search-engine manipulators whom create profuse domain records..

  • IAM Profile
  • 53Routes (DNS)

What's Coming

  • Template blanks for AWS users and routes
  • Chef recipes for configuring things past the bootstrap (nginx, locomotive)
  • Deploy dependencies to standardized places
  • rbenv or rvm (rbenv rubies are missing readline out-of-box and take a long time to recompile on a t1.micro. rvm untested)
  • CLI inputs for vim and less augmentation