The portable Vim IDE with all the trimmings, one-click installable on any standard box.
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Vim.ana aims to make a 2-command install of a full vim IDE with CLI conveniences. Think of Vim being able to do everything that can be done with IntelliJ, or similar.

The focus of this repo is to be portable, environment-neutral, and safe for existing configs. Vim.ana is a Vim & related environment that can be dropped into any unix-flavor box, and without disruption to existing production configs.



See the opening sections of the .vimrc for a structured and commented guide to what's in the box.

The .vimrc is organized into logical sections, with jump-points to each area of configs and plugins.


  1. To see a list of all mappings in the .vimrc group - type: <leader>L (which should be \L)
  2. To see a list of all the mappings from plugings, vimrc, etc. - type: :map

dbext, the DB browser, has a great tutorial, here


Requirements &c.

  • NeoVim is recommended.
  • Vim 7.3 is probably a requirement.
  • Some version greater than 7.0.23 is absolutely required for buffergator, unite, and possibly others.
  • ctags
  • ag/the_silver_searcher will help much

Download and unpack to ~/.vim.ana (the installer will look for it here. You can move it later)

cd ~; git clone .vim.ana

then link files and do some other business


The installer responsibily makes backups of your original .vim files to ~/.vim.ana/backups/ You can safely uninstall the files if need be (unlike if I'd cp -R the lot into your existing .vim)

NeoBundles are not automatically pulled down.

After you install, review the .vimrc and type <leader>L, which should be \L, to dive in.


You'll want to remember to install the ctags library. Installation strategies differ per-platform, and I wanted the to be robust. If you're on OS X, you can brew install ctags

OSX Users

The pre-insintalled Vim does not come compiled with lua. See Chris' awesome instructions for compiling Vim, NeoVim and MacVim with homebrew.

That's it for now.


If you want to add your own plugins, note that this repo uses NeoBundle. Instructions for adding more plugins, to the .vimrc list.

If you don't like Solarized, remember that you can roll your own.


The following directions are under review:




  • adding a Unite scope for dbext databases (or SQLcomplete)
  • VCSCommand


  • a proper tag parses for ruby and rspec namespaces, since 'ctags' fails at this, perhaps starscope, tagfinder, or rdoc-tags
  • A clear winner for ctag support, whether tpope's, vim-tags, or another.



Thanks for experimenting with this repo. Suggestions always welcome. I'm particularly interested in

  • A new way to onbaord people into using the features of this configuration. (Recent LeaderMap() function was the start)
  • How this can more-safely integrate with your existing environment practices (this may be Vimswitch)
  • How to lower the version dependecy with Vim
  • How to integrate with windowing apps on all platforms
  • How to get the lauch time near-instant (takes as much as 1.5 sec on slow slices)


Windowing Layout

The awesomeness you'll get with this repo

Leader and Unite Mappings

the LeaderMap() function See the function


  1. Andy Stewart interview
  2. Google's Vim Style Guide