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This is my first discussion on my removals website project and this will be my first rails project. I am creating a site for New Chapter Removals Cardiff and I hope that I can create something special by using ruby on rails. Looking at what you can build by utilizing it has always fascinated me, take Airbnb for example!

My experience with rails is not nearly as extensive as my experience in working with Removals near me. For some reason I know alot of removal companies in Cardiff and that also includes Cardiff, Penarth, Barry and South Wales.

So I would basically build a site for a local removal company using wordpress but I really want to test the ability of ruby on rails and see if this has any effect on the search engines, whether that be positive or not. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to take some really good websites to the top of the search engines in some touch niches but removals does seem to be one that has taken the biscuit. It seems that you need to prove yourself alot more.

Removals Cardiff

I have been working with my Removals Cardiff client for nearly a year and I have gotten loads of business for that company, but recently things have slowed down. I have found that the two most important phrases to rank for were Cardiff Removals and Removals Cardiff.

Removals Cardiff

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