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The New Chromantics

3D, Unity, VR, AR & Computer vision developers for 20 years. See @SoylentGraham for more open source code/projects.


  1. PopH264 Public

    Low-level, minimal H264 decoder & encoder library with wide cross platform support. Doesn't try to be clever. CAPI

    C 37 9

  2. Cross platform camera library

    C++ 2

  3. PopEngine Public

    Realtime engine running high-level javascript, native on ios/mac/windows/linux/pi/hololens/magic leap/android/docker and web, all using the same JS code (via modules). With various levels of VR, AR…

    C++ 4 3

  4. WebAPI & Common js/client code for the PopEngine. (eg. Math, Tools, Asset pipeline)

    JavaScript 1

  5. Test application for mp4 parsing in PopEngine



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