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Dot to Dot Sweep


Dot to Dot Sweep is an arcade-style color matching game. Collect dots that
match your color while avoiding all other dots.

The game is inspired by classic arcade games and takes cues from modern games.
The simple gameplay mechanics coupled with increasingly difficult levels allows
players of all skill levels to enjoy playing.

Touchpad style controls allow you to maneuver your character quickly and

Try to beat your personal best score or, optionally, compete for the top spot
on the worldwide leaderboard.

The mobile-centric design allows you to fit gameplay into your busy life. When
playing you simply lift your finger to pause the game. Interact with your
notifications and then get right back into the game by placing your finger back
on the touchpad area.

Getting Started

Dot to Dot Sweep comes in two flavors, a desktop version and a mobile version.

In the mobile version the action takes place on the top half of the screen and
input is handled by the bottom half. Menus are displayed on the bottom half of
the screen and may be interacted with via touch. When in the game, the bottom
half of the screen acts as a touch pad.

The desktop version uses the mouse and keyboard. You can interact with menus by
clicking on them. When in the game, you use the mouse to move your character
around the play field.

Playing the Game

The goal of the game is to clear the board of the colored dots. To do so you
must collect the dots that are the same color as your character by running into

Each time you collect a dot, another dot on the board will change to the
color of your character. Running into a dot that doesn't match your character's
color will cause you to lose a life. Additionally, there are black dots that
cannot be collected and must be avoided. Once all of the non-black colored dots
are collected, the level ends and you move on to the next one.

When you collect a dot, you have a couple of seconds to collect the next dot
before your score multiplier resets. When the multiplier resets, your current
accumulated points are added to your score.

You have three lives and once they are all gone it is game over. Your goal is
simply to get the high score. Your high score is stored locally and you can
optionally compete with players worldwide by enabling the Upload Scores option.

Contacting Us



Snail Mail:

    36 Landon LN
    Murray, KY 42071


A simple arcade game where you sweep up dots by matching colors.



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