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Chrome Extension for NEO
TypeScript CSS HTML JavaScript
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Chrome Extension (built with TypeScript + React)


This project is a boilerplate project to allow you to quickly build chrome extensions using TypeScript and React.


  1. Clone repo
  2. npm i
  3. npm run dev to compile once or npm run watch to run the dev task in watch mode
  4. npm run build to build a production (minified) version


  1. Complete the steps to build the project above
  2. Go to chrome://extensions in Google Chrome
  3. With the developer mode checkbox ticked, click Load unpacked extension... and select the dist folder from this repo


  1. 保持当前分支代码最新 并 push
  2. 切到master 分枝, 并 拉取最新代码
  3. 在master 分枝, git merge (需要合并的分枝)
  4. master push 到github

3 的 操作表示 把 xx 分枝 合并进master

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