The MaximumMinecraft Minecraft automation program for OS X.
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MaximumMinecraft is an open source AppleScript application designed to manage multiple conflicting modded versions of the popular indie video game Minecraft.

In addition to allowing the easy use of multiple conflicting mods across the singleplayer worlds and multiplayer servers you mine, MaximumMinecraft provides many optimization options to improve your Minecraft experience on your Mac.

All features are configured via a series of interactive dialog boxes on first run, and can be enabled or disabled at will. This flexibility allows you to use MaximumMinecraft simply as a mod manager, save file backup system, memory manager, or any combination to suit your personal needs and preferences.

#Fully configurable features include: Touchpad two-finger-scroll & Magic Mouse scroll deactivation to prevent inventory switching when shooting arrows.

Minecraft version/mod set manager:

Run multiple versions of Minecraft with different mods.

Easily use different sets of mods for different worlds.

Use one set of mods for singleplayer and another for multiplayer.

Try out new mods without worrying about conflicts with your current mods.

Download the latest version without losing your modded older version.

Run the newest Minecraft version for singleplayer & an older version for multiplayer servers that haven't updated.

#Save file backup: Automatically back up and archive your world save files on startup.

Uses rsync for incremental copies minimizing backup times.

Built-in recovery options.

Backup files can be manually restored without special software.

#Memory optimization: Automatically quit other applications.

Disable memory-intensive OS X user interface options.

Purge inactive RAM to free up memory occupied by previously used applications.

#Run your saves from a RAM disk or USB flash drive: Speedier chunk saving and loading times.

Flash drive option provides a full saves folder backup.

Flash drive saves synchronization for playing your saves on another machine.