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Onyxcoin V2 is a relaunch of the original Onyxcoin. We made some minor modifications to the codebase including a removed pre-mine and decreased Proof-of-Work period.

  • Onyxcoin V2 - X13 CryptoCurrency

  • RPC Port: 51990

  • P2P Port: 50990

  • Algorithm: X13 POW/POS starts on block 15,000

  • Ticker: ONYX2

  • Max PoW Coins: Approximately 15 million

  • 5% PoS Annual Interest

  • Block Reward Schedule:

  • 90 second blocks

  • No Pre-Mine

  • Block 0-50 are low reward (15)

  • Block 50-15,000 are 1,000

  • PoW Ends on Block 15,000 (approx. 15 days)

  • MinStakeAge: 24 hours

  • Max: Unlimited


In the event you encounter problems compiling the daemon, feel free to consult the guide below:

Receive the following error?


g++: error: /home/user/Desktop/onyx/OnyxCoin/src/leveldb/libleveldb.a: No such file or directory g++: error: /home/user/Desktop/onyx/OnyxCoin/src/leveldb/libmemenv.a: No such file or directory


cd src/leveldb make libleveldb.a libmemenv.a

CD back to src and try to build it again.

If you get the following error trying to do the above,

/bin/sh: 1: ./build_detect_platform: Permission denied Makefile:18: No such file or directory

chmod 755 src/leveldb/build_detect_platform

and try it again.