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HTTPS location fails to add #52

zombor opened this Issue · 16 comments

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I've got an https sparkleshare dashboard, and when I enter the url for it, it says "Sorry, but we weren't able to reach the host...".

This maybe be due to my self signed certificate, as it worked with normal http.


I'm having the same issue. I tried importing my self-signed cert into my phone, but that didn't help.


Maybe related, I am currently trying to get the android client to connect to a dashboard instance running behind apache ( instead of server:3000) and this also doesn't seem to work. Maybe this stuff is hardcoded?


Can you give me the logcat output for a specific error message?

server port is not hardcoded. However the app assumes port 3000 if no port was given inside the url


Still not sure if my problem is maybe the same as zombor's. The fact that he is trying to use HTTPS means he also uses some other webserver as a reverse proxy? Or does the dashboard support HTTPS natively?

When configuring the reverse proxy (on HTTP or HTTPS doesn't matter), the dashboard is no longer reachable on :3000 (or whatever port it is set to run). However, the android app still tries to connect to this port.


Yeah, I'm proxying behind apache. I'll try and get a log from the phone tomorrow.


I'm having the same issue. proxy through apache, self-signed certificate. I installed my root-certificate to the device, without any luck.
This seems to be an old issue - has it already been resolved?
Thanks in advance :)


I'm not using a proxy but HTTPS with a self-signed certificate. The android client claims the host that the host is not reachable, but with HTTP it works. I installed the certificate via Settings->Security->Install From SD but that did not change anything.
I wonder whether the client supports self-signed certificates at all?!


I used a certificate from StartSSL, which is an certified authority (at least for firefox) but still can't connect :/ Please fix this. Nobody wants to connect on unencrypted channel through port 3000.


It seems to work just fine. Just use:
and it connects.


Got the same Problem.
Sparkleshare behind SSL-Apache.
And just adding the Port-Number doen't work for me.
http://domain:443/sparkle won't work.

Any suggestions?




My Bad.
I meant:

I'm familiar with linux, but not with andoird. Is there a way reading the logs without having root?


Hello to fix this i create this pull request


And I upload SparkleShare-fix-issue-52.apk
To fix this please install this apk.
On Welcome Screen, Enter to options by menu key. And change option Accept all SSL certifcates to true.


Update of the app in Google Play would be nice.

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