Testing SparkleShare for Android

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For testing SparkleShare for Android you need to first setup your SparkleShare server described here https://github.com/hbons/SparkleShare/wiki/How-to-set-up-your-own-server.

Additionally you need to install SparkleShare-Dashboard since the Android client makes use of the API provided by SparkleShare-Dashboard. An easy installation how-to is described here: https://github.com/tommyd3mdi/sparkleshare-dashboard/blob/master/INSTALL.md

Afterwards SparkleShare should be reachable over port 3000 (e.g. as shown in the screenshot below:

SparkleShare-Dashboard Login

You should be ready now to link your Android device with the current SparkleShare installation and browse your files from your mobile device. You can link your smartphone either with submitting host and linkcode by hand or by scanning the QR code as shown below:

SparkleShare-Dashboard Link Device

If you experience some bugs, please report issues over at: https://github.com/NewProggie/SparkleShare-Android/issues