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Other Github Links

Awesome New Tab Page

Awesome Weather Widget

XKCD Widget

Chrome Web Store

Awesome New Tab Page

Awesome Weather Widget

Awesome XKCD Widget

If you're not into javascript and git, you will probably want to use the above link to download a recent version from the Chrome Web Store.

What is this?

This is an XKCD widget published on the Chrome Web Store.

What license is this extension released under?

GNU General Public License version 3

Who can contribute?

Everyone who is willing to agree to allow me to publish submitted code under the GPL v3 or future licenses. This ensures both of us (and anyone else) can use it so long as it always remains under the same license.

Do widgets need to be licensed under GPL v3+?

I'm not a lawyer, so take this with a grain of salt:

If your widgets are built from this widget, then it must be GPL v3 licensed. If you make a widget from the (shell widget)[] or your own custom code, then it doesn't need to be GPL v3 licensed.

For more information, please see the GPL FAQ.

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