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analyzing placard abuse cases reported to 311
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Placard Abuse


Analyze 311 service requests regarding placard abuse, both in regards to complaints over time and location of complaints.


Prior to March 24, 2017, placard abuse complaints were filed under the Complaint type "City Vehicle Placard Complaint." After this date, complaints were re-classified under the Complaint type "Illegal Parking," and the Descriptor of "Parking Permit Improper Use"

Running this code will generate a line chart demonstrating frequency of calls over time, as well as a map of where these complaints took place. Additionally, it will produce a csv of each unique resolution offered by the investigating agency (NYPD) in 2018, and the number of times each unique resolution appears. This information was used to analyze the quality of responses issued by NYPD.

Additional Resources and Visuals

This repo also contains an additional relational database of 311-based Resolution Descriptions and simplified resolution descriptions. This is made so that similar analyses can be applied to future years with relative ease.

Below is a list of links to other content produced in relation to the issue:

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