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Background Plots


Energy & Emmissions

Circular Economy

Potential for Landfill Diversion Sankey

Curbside Organics Map

Green Jobs

Difficulties in Hiring Bar Chart


NYC 2019 Summer Surface Temperature Map

Data Structure

Getting Data

  • US Landsat 4-8 ARD: Provisional Surface Temperature (ST)

    1. Make an account at (
    2. Install Bulk Download Application
    3. On Earth Exloper site search panel, select desired criteria:
      • Date Range: 2014 to 2020
      • Datasets: US Landsat 4-8 ARD
      • Tile grid horizontal: 29 (NYC)
      • Tile grid vertical: 7 (NYC)
        • search for tile grid here
    4. Follow BIG DATA Download instructions from the blog site (
      • Where the instructions say "Choose “Non-Limited Results” and “CSV” in order to export the metadata of every single file found to a csv-file (which is a text file)" choose "Comma (,) Delimited" format instead.
  • Ground Monitor Temperature:

    1. Select your local stations. (Central Park, LaGuardia, Kennedy) Local Climatological Data (LCD)
    2. You need to add the data to your cart, then go to your cart, where you can select that you want a csv and subset to the dates you are interested in.

Validating Data

311 Street Flooding Complaints


  • round lat/long for normalization - 3 decimal places is up to 110 meters
  • Like NPCC viz 2.11, normalizing street flooding complaints by number of
  • complaints relative to a space, as some areas are known to submit more complaints than others. Given 3400 complaints across city, 110 m may be appropriate range
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