Street center lines for all Transportation highways, roads, and streets for the entire State of Rhode Island. Last updated in February 2016, this dataset is most appropriate for those interested in road attributes such as surface types, various categorizations, and ownership/maintenance responsibilities.
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Contributor: Rhode Island Department of Transportation

This dataset contains street center lines for all Transportation highways, roads, and streets for the entire state of Rhode Island. Includes road names conflated road names from the current RIGIS "Roads-E911" dataset. This data set was created for, and is maintained by, the Rhode Island Department of Transportation for planning and mapping purposes.

This dataset includes all highways,roads, and street center lines paved and unpaved suitable for vehicular traffic in Rhode Island initially digitized from Spring 1997 photography. National Grid (New England Electric System) contracted with Intermap Technologies, Ontario, Canada in creating a Massachusetts, Rhode Island 5000' scale dataset using digital Orthophotography. RIDOT contracted with Intermap Technologies to transform the data from Massachusetts State Plane to Rhode Island State Plane (meters). This was accomplished by rectifying the imagery a second time using control data denominated in Rhode Island State Plane meters The Rhode Island State Plane data was subsequently resampled to feet based on Rhode Island State Plane coordinates in feet. The linear center lines were digitized from 1997 Orthophotos 2' pixel resolution at 5000' scale. Through a contract with MicroDATA GIS, road names were conflated from an E91124k Roads data set. Some arc segments and intersections in the E911roads5k data set were generalized for E911 purposes. IMPORTANT NOTE: This dataset contains existing, proposed, and discontinued roads. Take advantage of the CLASS attribute when extracting those road segments wanted for any given project.