A geospatial dataset focusing on walkability and pedestrian access
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Newport Sidewalk Map

This dataset will capture pedestrian rights of way, such as sidewalks and crosswalks. It treats vehicle roads as barriers. This is currently an incomplete dataset! It is still under development.

The source data for the map is from ground surveys, using OpenStreetMap for geographic reference.

npt-sidewalks.geojson is a map of all sidewalks.

npt-sidewalk-street-intersections.geojson is a derived dataset generated by taking the line intersections of npt-sidewalks.geojson and the RIGIS-RIDOT-roads dataset, with manual corrections for overpasses. Crossings are not necessarily marked. This is currently an incomplete dataset! Please use for guidance only.


This map is an open project, so contributions are welcomed! There are a few ways to contribute:

Open an issue

For simple comments to the map, like adding a missing sidewalk or identifying an error, open an issue.

Use a GIS system

You can download the dataset and edit it using GIS software like qgis.