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Newsman PHP API Client - version 1.2

This is the Newsman App PHP API client for API version 1.2.

Newsman - Smart Email Service Provider

Newsman is a Smart Email Service Provider. We send newsletters and automate ecommerce on behalf of our customers.

About Newsman API - version 1.2

Our current API version is 1.2. API documentation can be found here:

Our API requires an API KEY which you can generate in your Account and your Newsman User id.


Newsman PHP API requires curl installed:


$client = new Newsman_Client($newsman_user_id, $api_key);
$ret = $client->list->all();

String Encoding

Please make sure all strings are UTF-8 encoded.


More detailed examples can be found here.

Composer Install

Put a file named composer.json at the root of your project, containing your project dependencies:

    "require": {
        "newsman/api": "1.0.4"

Install Composer In Your Project Run this in your command line:

curl -sS | php

Execute this in your project root.

php composer.phar install