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NexPlayer is the market leader player SDK for OTT apps, currently integrated by over 200 premium video service providers worldwide.


  1. NexPlayer_Unity_Plugin NexPlayer_Unity_Plugin Public

    Stream videos in HLS & DASH formats into Unity apps including Widevine DRM protection.

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  2. NexPlayer_HTML5_Documentation NexPlayer_HTML5_Documentation Public

    The NexPlayer HTML5 Player is a fully customizable media player that enables HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming with broadcast quality video across all platforms, browsers and devices.

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  3. TizenWebOS TizenWebOS Public

    Player SDK for Tizen, WebOS, Xbox and PlayStation 4, 5

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  4. NexPlayer_Unreal_Plugin NexPlayer_Unreal_Plugin Public

    Include HLS and DASH video streaming inside your Unreal games with NexPlayer plugin.

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  5. Android-SDK Android-SDK Public

    NexPlayer SDK is the most widely used player SDK for premium Android video apps, and works with the biggest names in entertainment to help them solve the problem of device fragmentation.

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  6. iOS-SDK iOS-SDK Public

    NexPlayer iOS Video Player SDK - The most comprehensive player SDK for iOS Mobile Apps

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