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Stream videos in HLS & DASH to any Nintendo Switch™ apps and games with NexPlayer Video Streaming Player SDK.

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Unity video player

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NexPlayer™ SDK for Nintendo Switch™ enables Live & video on demand (VOD) streaming inside Nintendo Switch apps and games made with Unity. It can be easily integrated into any native or Unity apps. The player was developed in collaboration with the native NexPlayer SDK and utilizes many of its features such as intelligent ABR, HLS, DASH, customizable APIs, and more.

Our Nintendo Switch video player opens the door for new use cases, such as live video content embedded within the game universe or OTT providers to offer their Live & VOD video services to Nintendo Switch users.

  • The only Video Streaming Player SDK for Nintendo Switch

This repository contains the feature list of our Nintendo Switch video streaming player with Unity. If you want to get a copy of our fully working demo, contact us at our website.

Use Case Examples

NexPlayer UI

NexPlayer powers Jeopardy!® Playshow on Nintendo Switch™. Read more

NexPlayer UI

Live & VOD video streaming inside Unity games for Nintendo Switch

Our Unity video player for Nintendo Switch allows for the introduction of video streams within your Unity games for Switch. With our library, you can use in-game actions to control the video playback.

Table of Contents


Our Unity video player for Nintendo Switch supports the following features:


  • Easy to integrate into any native or Unity app
  • HLS & DASH Streaming with ABR (Adaptive Bitrate)
  • AES 128 content protection
  • Customizable API
  • Closed Captioning and Subtitle Formats (WebVTT, TTML, CEA-608)
  • Audio Track Selection

Basic Features

  • Play / Pause / Stop / Manage Audio Volume / Seek

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Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.
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Stream videos in HLS & DASH to any Nintendo Switch™ apps and games with NexPlayer Video Streaming Player SDK.






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