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Picker Blueprinter

Blueprint and deconstruction planner related tools.


Hover over an entity and take a quick blueprint of everything in its selection area with CONTROL+Q. Modules and recipes are stored in the blueprint. Now you can quickly blueprint your moduled beacon for fast placing! Blue print mirroing is Availble by holding a blueprint and pressing ALT+R, Blueprint upgrading is available using the toolbar that shows up whenever you are holding a blueprint. Quickly Edit the current blueprint or deconstruction planner in your hand with CONTROL+SHIFT+~, Pick any item in the game to make a blueprint of using the blueprint toolbar.

CONTROL+Q with nothing selected will cycle through the available planners (blueprint, deconstruction, upgrade, etc). If you don't have the planner in your inventory and the required research has been met the planner will be automatically created.

Picking entities in the Helmod side panel will create a quick blueprint of the entity, recipe and modules listed.

Mirror blueprints with ALT-R.

Upgrade blueprints with ALT-U, Keeps icons and names, optionally increments with a version number.

Blueprint snapping, Snap large blueprints around the cursor for easier placement of large blueprints. Uses the Keypad to snap around.

Add and remove empty blueprints to a held blueprint book with +, - keys on the keypad.

Make a quick blueprint of the selected entity with CTRL-Q.

Deconstruction Planner

Get a trees and rock only planner with CTRL-ALT-D.

Mark entities for deconstruction by seleting them and pressing DEL.

Add or Remove entities from the deconstruction planner filters by selecting an entity with a deconstruction planner in your hand and pressing DEL.

Swith Whitelist/Blacklist modes with SHIFT-G while holding a deconstruction planner.

Switch Tile Filter and Tile selection modes with CTRL-ALT-G and CTRL-SHIFT-G while holding a deconstruction planner.

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