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Simple service to verify phone numbers or provide 2nd factor authentication.

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Simple number verification/second factor authentication service.


Send an SMS with the PIN, and get a hash to verification:

Request: POST /?number=13215551212 Response: {"hash":"0021e28230ff8ba40165e595ef7cbe21214b34d6"}

Verify the correct PIN:

Request: GET /0021e28230ff8ba40165e595ef7cbe21214b34d6?number=13215551212&pin=7901 Response: {"valid":true}

Verify an incorrect PIN:

Request: GET /0021e28230ff8ba40165e595ef7cbe21214b34d6?number=13215551212&pin=7900 Response: {"valid":false}


  • Copy source to a web root.
  • Add Nexmo credentials through environment variables, or define()
  • Route all requests to index.php (in many cases this will happen by default; if not, index.php can be prepended to the GET requests).


This is a simplistic example, and the method used to generate/verify the code is not at all random. If the server side key is known, it's reativly easy to brute force the pin. This method works well only as an example that avoids any storage of the pin. You should not use this in production without replacing the pin generation/verification.

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