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Developer Education Platform

Superhero with avocado hoody walking to laptop on desk The Developer Education Platform from Vonage

Table of Contents


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A Nuxt based content platform for content from the Vonage Developer Education Team.

  • "Zero configuration" local builds - no search
  • Algolia search with vue-instantsearch and algoliasearch - requires some configuration
  • Markdown content using official @nuxt/content module
  • RSS2 and JSON1 feeds using @nuxtjs/feeds
  • Netlify CMS for content management
  • Bespoke command line developer experience using the Blog CLI
  • Serverless Server-side Analytics
  • Global components like <Youtube/> and <SignUp/>

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Please checkout the local setup guide for more information on installation and usage.

Writing For Vonage

Teach others, grow as a writer, and help us build the next go-to destination for developers in search of high quality technical content and inspiring development stories.

Isometric shapes showing people working on computers with Developer Spotlight logo

We pay $500 USD per post. Your tutorial will be published on our platform, on syndication sites, on social media, and may even be shared featured in our newsletters.

Check out the Vonage Developer Spotlight Programme today.


Please read our contributing guide and Code of Conduct before making a pull request.


Global components can be included in posts to help produce consistent content.

  • <sign-up></sign-up>
  • <youtube></youtube>

Writing Style

Taken from our developer education writing styleguide, we've included our contributing guide to help with contributing content.


Capitalize My Title

We've built-in our own version of, which you can find here

Capitalize My Title

Tag Tester

We've built our own content tag generator which you can find here

Tag Tester

Create a Blog Post CLI

Create a new blog post using the CLI.

npm run blog

# > vonage-dev-blog@0.0.0 blog /Users/luke/Projects/nexmo/dev-education-poc
# > node bin/blog
# ℹ Vonage DevEd Post CLI
# ℹ by @lukeocodes
# ? Would you like to create or translate a blog post? Create
# ? What's the title for this post? <max 70 chars> An awesome ...
# ? What's the description? <max 240 chars> An awesome description ...
# ? What language would you like to create a post in? English
# ? Who's the author? Luke Oliff
# ? What's the category? Tutorial
# ? Enable comments? Yes
# ? By spotlight author? No
# ✔ Saved demo file to content/blog/en/ ...

Translate a Blog Post CLI

You can also start a translation with the same tool.

npm run blog

# > vonage-dev-blog@0.0.0 blog /Users/luke/Projects/nexmo/dev-education-poc
# > node bin/blog
# ℹ Vonage DevEd Post CLI
# ℹ by @lukeocodes
# ? Would you like to create or translate a blog post? Translate
# ? What post would you like to translate? Add Strong PSD2 Authentication to Your Application
# ? What language would you like to create a post in? Italiano
# ? What's the title for this post? <max 70 chars> Aggiungi l’Autenticazione Forte PSD2 alla Tua App
# ? What's the description? <max 240 chars> Scopri come aggiungere alla tua app l&#39;autenticazione dei pagamenti online "Secure Customer Authentication", noto anche come PSD2, con Vonage Verify API
# ✔ Saved demo file to content/blog/it/ ...


The content of this project itself is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, and the underlying source code used to format and display that content is licensed under the MIT license.

Change log

This project maintains a changelog based on our GitHub releases.