Customer Number Validation using the Nexmo Number Insight API
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Customer Number Validation

A few Ruby snippets showing how you can use Nexmo Number Insight to validate and cleanup phone numbers.


Getting started

# clone this repository
git clone
# change to folder
cd ruby-ni-customer-number-validation
# install dependencies
bundle install
# create a .env
cp .env.example .env

Next you will need to sign up for a Nexmo account and get your API credentials from the API dashboard and put them in your .env file.

Then you can run every script as follows.

ruby snippets/1_validation.rb


This is not an app but rather a set of snippets showing how Nexmo Number Insight can be used to validate and clean up numbers, as well as be used to determine the channel type and cost of a number.

The scripts are:

  • 1_country_code.rb shows how to find the country code for a number
  • 2_cleanup.rb shows how to turn a local number into its international format
  • 3_cost.rb is a little extra that shows how to then calculate the pricing of a number
  • 4_channels.rb shows how to extract more details, like the channel format (landline or mobile) from a number
  • 5_validation.rb shows how to validate a number is likely to be a real number


This project is licensed under the MIT license.