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Nexosis API Postman Collection

This repository contains the Nexosis API Postman collection.

Run in Postman

Please follow this tutorial to import this Postman Collection.

Environment Variables

In order to use this Postman collection, you will need to set the following environment variables in Postman.

API Keys and Links

Responses from the Nexosis API often include links that will direct you to more information about the entity returned. Postman makes it easy to follow these links with single clicks, but in order to enable a seamless experience, you're going to want to enable the "Retain headers when clicking on links" setting in Postman. This setting will instruct Postman to send your API key with link requests.

  1. Press Ctrl + Comma to open Postman settings, or use the File → Settings menu.
  2. Turn on the "Retain headers when clicking on links" setting.
  3. Enjoy navigating links seamlessly within the Nexosis API.